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Tom Bassford is founder and President of Significant Matters a faith-based non-profit committed to helping the church create sustainable solutions though the work of church missions. He is also the founder of SATtalks which aims to accelerate the learning curve for the church around sustainable approaches to church missions by highlighting the stories of people and organizations on the leading edge and connecting those who want to help move the church in this direction.

Catalyzing Transformational City Movements | by Dr. Randy White

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Catalyzing Transformational City Movements is the second chapter in Dr. Randy White and H Spees new book "Out of Nazareth: Christ-Centered Civic Transformation In Unlikely Places" available at They have made this entire chapter available to us as a whitepaper.  [...]

Why I Would Want to Work with the Church Even if I Were an Atheist | by Tom Bassford

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  I had the opportunity to address a gathering of people at the Kauffman Center a few years back who were all involved in Social Entrepreneurship programs at various Colleges and Universities across the country. We were involved in a [...]

How Are the Children? | by Nancy Mitchell

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Two years ago, one of our Kansas City superintendents addressed a community gathering by saying, “Kasserian Ingera?” He explained that this is the greeting of the Masai community in Kenya. He explained that when one Masai greets another they ask, [...]

It’s Our Christian Duty to Support Work | by James Whitford

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After nearly two decades of service to our neighbors in need, I’ve learned an important lesson: People struggling in poverty need hope. And few things offer more hope than a job. As Christians, we must never lose sight of [...]

Sustainable Solutions: Our Undivided Attention

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SATtalks is a conference of like-minded people focused distinctly on church missions and even more particularly on the issue of sustainable solutions through church missions.  There are many conferences, workshops and movements within the church to address Christianity and culture, [...]

Getting Better at Doing Good

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Getting Better at Doing Good | There’s a lot being written and said these days about the effectiveness of charitable work.  The wonderful and provocative 90-minute documentary by PovertyCure called, “Poverty, Inc.” makes a compelling case that fighting poverty has [...]

Millennials and Missions – Not Your Traditional Approach | Part 1

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Millennials and Missions - Not Your Traditional Approach | Part 1... Justin Carney grew up on a small farm in southern Missouri.  In his early 20’s a missionary came to his church and talked about unreached people groups, gave [...]

It is Good to be Children Sometimes | by Tom Bassford

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Coffee, beer, brussel sprouts; those are things that I now love but for which I had to acquire a taste.  There are many things over the course of one’s life for which they acquire a taste and come to love. [...]