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Tom Bassford, Founder/President of Significant Matters & SATtalks

Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place?  It’s no longer enough to simply do random acts of kindness or hand out an endless stream of charity. Instead thoughtful people are asking questions about lasting change and sustainable solutions in our efforts to make the world a better place.  How does the church through its mission efforts create more sustainable and dignified ways of helping those we seek to help and grapple with what it means to live in a world that is always becoming?  That’s what this BLOG and SATtalks is all about.  I hope you’ll join the conversation and introduce us to others in your network.

No Bird Can Soar in a Calm | by Mike Saccocio

No Bird Can Soar in a Calm - Gaining Influence in a Post-Christian Culture...  An early observation the Wright Brothers made that helped them figure out the physics of flight was that birds in flight use their wings to catch the air.   They realized it wasn’t about sheer power but rather the ability to catch the wind and get lift out of it. They coined the counterintuitive phrase, “No bird can soar in a calm."   You would think a good tailwind would help you get off the ground.  Not so, in fact, pilots would prefer to takeoff into a [...]

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Prove It! | by Tom Bassford

The church in North America is losing ground in attendance, influence, credibility and virtually every other category that really matters.  It’s becoming increasingly apparent that, if the Church really wants to be the hope of the world, then it will have to “prove it” through practical ways that touch the everyday needs of everyday people in their everyday lives.  With that realization, more and more churches are coming to understand the critical importance of their charitable work among the poor, not only for the internal life of their congregation but also for their relevance in the community and to [...]

$50,000 Gift to Launch the 3.0 Fund!

Investing charitable dollars in for-profit businesses to help the poor. Significant Matters is excited to announce the formation of the 3.0 Fund.  Many churches and especially the business-minded people of those churches are coming to see the rationale and possibilities of business creation as a part of their overall mission’s strategy. Over the past few years we have highlighted such work through the SATtalks of Bob Lupton(Pacaya Lodge/Nicaragua), Don Larson (Sunshine Nut Co./Mozambique), Aimee Minnich (Impact Foundation), Justin Carney (Aggrandize), Randy White (“Spark Tank”), Oye Waddell (Hustle PHX) and Justin Beene (Rising Grinds Cafe).  All of them demonstrate the value and importance of investing dollars to help start or grow businesses as a way to [...]

Prophetic Imagination | by Tom Bassford

Change comes in a thousand different ways but never in a hurry or by unanimous consent.  That may be one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past 15 years.  I used to think the best strategy for effecting change was through critical mass; get more and more people to buy-in to an idea and change will follow.   The problem is, critical mass is generally content with the status quo, no matter how much they complain and dream otherwise.  It’s as true of the church as it is of business, politics or any other endeavor; the middle of [...]

A Thing To Be Done | by Tom Bassford

"But remember: if prayer be anything at all, it is a thing to be done."  George MacDonald Sooner or later even the most reluctant among us finds a use for prayer.  Scrooge found his knees at the end of a fitful “night of the soul.” Spirit! hear me! I am not the man I was. I will not be the man I must have been but for this intercourse. Why show me this, if I am past all hope?  …Assure me that I yet may change these shadows you have shown me by an altered life?" Most of us [...]

VIDEO – Reframing Charity by James Whitford | Watered Gardens

WATCH THE VIDEO...   Many poverty fighting leaders passionate for social justice have begun to shy away from the word "charity." Unfortunately, for many, the definition of this biblical virtue has been reduced to a superficial approach more often harmful than helpful. Reframing charity juxtaposed to compassion and justice is vital for both renewed discussion within the Church and a renewed commitment to shift from poverty relief to resolution. James Whitford, Founder & Executive Director, Watered Gardens, Joplin, MO. James Whitford and his wife, Marsha co-founded Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission in 2000, now a 50 bed mission working with [...]

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