Churches go through a natural progression that begins with giving money (Missions 1.0) to worthy causes followed by the desire to get personally involved through volunteerism (Missions 2.0).  But, in time, every church begins to ask the question, “Are we making a difference that will last?” (Missions 3.0)

Missions 3.0: A Framework for Missions in the 21st Century

Missions 3.0 is a framework for doing missions in the 21st Century in which the end goal is all about lasting change.  How can church missions become a catalyst for lasting, self-sustaining change for people caught in material poverty?  Missions 3.0 gives a church a unifying framework and a common language upon which to build a shared vision for missions.  It is our experience that as a church becomes more adept at this kind of mission work it becomes more relevant and credible to its own community, more fulfilling to both pastor and people and more genuine and appealing to those on the margins looking for a reason to attend a church.

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What We Do

Our particular niche is to help churches reframe their missions work around sustainable solutions and create room for business-minded people who can help that happen.  We do that through our Missions 3.0 Workshop: A Framework for Missions in the 21st Century, our Peer Learning Communities and Consulting.

Training, Coaching and Consulting

Missions 3.0 Workshop; A Framework for Missions in the 21st Century

A 6-hour workshop for churches, ministries and whole communities who want to better understand the key stakeholders and critical practices necessary to move missions and work with the poor toward lasting change.

Peer Learning Communities

A 2-year act-and-learn cohort of 6-8 churches committed to reframing missions for their congregation.  For churches that want to accelerate their learning curve and pace of change towards missional work that is both sustainable and transformative.  Click HERE to learn more about our Peer Learning Communities and click HERE to see one in action.

Consulting & Speaking

We are also available to speak at special events and do one on one consulting work with churches and non-profit ministries.  For more information contact Tom Bassford at tom@significantmatters.com

Learn more about the Missions 3.0 Framework through these two videos.

Sharing the Stories & Building a Community

The other main purpose of Significant Matters is to serve as a platform to help tell the stories of pioneers who are genuinely trying to figure out how to move missions beyond simple charity and short-term fixes.  That’s why we do SATtalks and the Missions 3.0 Pre-Conference every year.  We believe that if we share the stories and provide a place where the innovators can gather and network we can accelerate the learning curve for everyone.

SATtalks & Missions 3.0 Symposium

A yearly gathering where we film our SATtalks before a live-audience, provide training and connecting churches to a network of peers, partners and resources committed to moving missions beyond simple charity and short-term fixes.

SATtalk Videos

An online library with over 50 free videos from church mission leaders and other faith-based leaders actively working on sustainable transformation in their particular realm. Hear the stories of leading practitioners engaged in real models like Bob Lupton, Pastor Rick Rusaw, Florence Muindi and many others.  See all the videos at www.SATtalks.org


SAT@Events are a smaller one-day version of our annual SATtalks conference done in your community.  It’s a mix of local presenters filmed before a live audience, SATtalk videos, group discussions, breakouts and an introduction to the Missions 3.0 Framework.  Hearing the stories of early pioneers and being with like-minded people helps you see what’s possible when churches reframe missions and charitable work around sustainable solutions and create room for business-minded people who can help that happen.  Click HERE to learn more.

For more information on any of our services or events contact Tom Bassford at tom@significantmatters.com or call 816-419-3291

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