Over the last several decades, non-profits have played an increasing role advocating and providing services for the global poor and disenfranchised. The initial role of the Christian non-profit was to bring the church safely into a sustainable relationship of trust and service with the communities they have chosen to serve. Non-profits are not to replace the biblical authority and responsibility of the church in providing financial and physical resources to the poor. God has called the church to partner with the non-profit to eradicate global poverty, to evangelize the gospel and to establish joint methodology that restores dignity and human flourishing to the widow and the orphan.

Cheryl Cuthbertson, Director of Sustainable Practices, Children of the Nations International, Silverdale, WA

Chery Cuthbertson oversees COTN’s sustainable development programs in Africa and the Caribbean. This includes designing and facilitating the implementation of sustainable global practices and interventions with indigenous leaders in water, agriculture, sanitation, renewable energy, technology, and microfinance.

She has a work history that includes more than 25 years of Fortune 500 experience in management, strategic alliances, marketing, and business development. Although most of her career has been in the private sector, she also has more than 20 years serving Christ in sustainable community development, urban ministry, and global missions.

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