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A Businessman’s Thoughts on SATtalks

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Sustainability and Transformation talks  (SATtalks)

For all who believe sustainable change and church missions go together!

Bob Lupton and Don Larson to Speak at SATtalks 2017

SATtalks is a two-day forum to explore and accelerate ways to create sustainable transformation through church missions.

October 19-20, 2017 | Kansas City

This Year’s SATtalk Presenters

Bob Lupton


Lynette Fields2

Lynette Fields

St Luke’s UM Church


Phil Hissom

Polis Institute

Tom Bassford

Significant Matters

Mike Simon

Charity Tracker

Jonathan Bell

Church of the Resurrection

Don Larson

The Sunshine Nut Company

Quinn Schipper

Oikos.One |Stillwater Cares

Grace Dyrness

Urban Initiatives

Lindsey Strickler on SATtalks

See Lindsey’s full SATtalk here – There Shouldn’t Be a Line

This year’s lineup of presenters has something for everyone who believes sustainable change and church missions go together.  From Bob Lupton and Don Larson sharing how business can change the way we do missions to Grace Dyrness and Phill Hissom on the dignity behind Asset-based Community Development and Appreciative Inquiry as the way we engage the poor.  Lynette Fields and Jonathan Bell speak firsthand on how missions pastors can change the DNA of their church missions through an intentional, slow and steady process.  And you’ll hear from Mike Simon and Quinn Schipper on how the Church, using technology and collaboration, has become the catalyst for bringing a whole city together to prevent and alleviate poverty in relational and responsible ways.

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Hear the Stories

Over 34 videos from church mission leaders and other faith-based leaders actively working on sustainable transformation in their particular realm.  You will hear how one organization is successfully helping orphans learn of God’s love and become fully self-reliant within three years and another organization is tackling the water crisis by empowering local entrepreneurs to bring clean water to their own communities.

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