SAT = Sustainability and Transformation

For churches who believe sustainability and missions go together.

What’s SATtalks?   |   What’s Missions 3.0?

Florence Muindi on WHY SATtalks

2018 SATtalk Speakers

We need the stories of pioneers working with new models of church missions as a way to help us picture what could be.  You’ll be inspired and challenged by the speakers as well as the people you get to rub shoulders with at SATtalks.

Author/Lead Pastor, LifeBridge Church | Longmont, CO

Director of Sustainable Practices, Children of the Nations | Silverdale, WA

Founder/President, Significant Matters | Olathe, KS

Founder/Executive Director, Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission | Joplin, MO

Executive Director, Hustle PHX | Phoenix, AZ

2018 Videos!

Soon to be released

Soon to be released

2018 Videos

Executive Director, City Mission | Schenectady, NY

Founder, Center for Community Transformation/ Fresno Pacific Univ. | Fresno, CA

Executive Director, Caring for Kids Network | Greater Kansas City Area

Visiting Scholar, Center for Religion and Civic Culture/ University of Southern California | Los Angeles, CA

Founder/Director, Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation | Grand Rapids, MI

Director of Partner Church Program at Church of the Resurrection | Leawood, KS

Missions 3.0 Pre-Conference (Wednesday, October 24)

We’ve added a day of training on the front end of SATtalks.  Some of our past and present speakers are offering their training resources.  There’s something for your whole missions team.

  • Bridges Out of Poverty | Alexis Coleman, Davidson United Methodist Church & Michael Saccocio, Schenactady Rescue Mission – Bridges Out of Poverty is a workshop to help volunteers better understand poverty through the lens of economic class and provides concrete tools and strategies to help alleviate poverty.
  • Missions 3.0 Workshop | Jonathan Bell, Church of the Resurrection – The Missions 3.0 Workshop covers the framework and practices necessary for a church, over time, to move it’s missions beyond helping that hurts.
  • The Senior Pastor & Missions | Rick Rusaw, Lifebridge Church & Tom Bassford, Significant Matters – A roundtable discussion for Senior Pastors on how to help your church missions move from just doing good things to solving real problems.
  • The Business-Minded & Missions | Dave Geenens, Firedoor Solutions – A roundtable discussion for business-minded people trying to figure out how to work with their church’s mission around sustainable solutions.

Something for the whole team!

Pre-Conference Details

What Others are Saying

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A Businessman’s Look at SATtalks

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A safe place to be vulnerable.

Kieth Jaspers on SATtalks

Opportunity to re-energize.

Hear the Stories

Over 40 videos from church mission leaders and other faith-based leaders actively working on sustainable transformation in their particular realm.  You will hear how one organization is successfully helping orphans learn of God’s love and become fully self-reliant within three years and another organization is tackling the water crisis by empowering local entrepreneurs to bring clean water to their own communities.

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Beyond SATtalks…Next Steps for Your Church

M3.0 600-135

Missions 3.0 helps churches develop the structures and strategies needed to move missions beyond helping that hurts.

Missions 3.0…The Next Step

Missions 3.0 Workshops

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Peer Learning Communities

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Thank-You to Our Sponsors Who Make SATtalks Possible!

SATtalks, Missions 3.0 and Peer learning Communities are all initiatives of Significant Matters, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to help churches and other faith-based organizations explore and create sustainable solutions for complex societal issues.  All contributions to Significant Matters are tax deductible.