“You either serve God or you serve money,” Jeff was told over and over again in his early days in ministry. Earning money while doing missions was deceitful. Irresponsible. Impossible. For years, Jeff tried to adhere to the idea that missions should be free from the bonds of business. But his creativity and entrepreneurial mind kept insisting otherwise. Eventually God would take his passion for fly fishing and that entrepreneurial mind to create a fly tying business called Fair Flies. It provides a real and lasting solution for women who have been exploited through human trafficking around the world. Over the past two decades I have become passionate about “Trade Vs Aid” and “Sustainable Work”. We are striving to prove that business and mission can co-exist in balance. Learn more about Fair Flies. Significant Matters works with churches striving to move beyond helping that hurts and connect with business-minded people in the congregation who can help that happen. Learn more @ Significant Matters | SATtalks | SATCatalyst 

Jeff Coffey, Founder/Owner, Fair Flies Inc.

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