Caring for Kids sought to bridge the gap between schools and churches to create lasting, meaningful partnerships built upon the simple but powerful question, “How may we help you?”  By becoming a catalyst for collaboration and serving as a true “backbone organization” they have been able to build trust with schools, churches and business all wanting to serve the children in their communities.  They have mobilized, trained and deployed over 200 churches, 80 businesses and 70 civic organizations into more than 200 schools across 8 school districts in the Kansas City region.  Those partnerships have, on their own, invested more than $700,000 into projects and initiatives for those schools over the past 5 years.

Nancy Mitchell, Executive Director, Caring For Kids, Kansas City, MO

Nancy Mitchell is the Executive Director for Caring for Kids which was born out of the Citywide Prayer Movement of Kansas City. She was part of the original design team for the organization and previously served as Director of Operations.

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