When Gary Ringger sold his business in 2002 he asked an older and wiser mentor what to do with the money. His advice… dream bigger than yourself and when it happens you’ll know it was God not you. Second… be focused and involved, don’t just write checks. And finally, use the business experience and talents that God has given you more directly for the kingdom.

So when Gary and his wife Marla started LifeSong he decided to build the idea of “radical business” into the very DNA of the ministry. “I believe God is moving His church toward a new and radical business mindset. I see it in millennials who… want their work to be about mission. I see it in my peers who would rather invest in a giving engine than continually give to an ongoing need.”

With that kind of mindset, it’s not hard to see why former CEO of Butterball Turkey, Rod Brenneman, decided to get involved in LifeSong when Gary asked him to join the work. Speaking to pastors Brenneman said, “I will just tell you there are lots of people just like me sitting in your congregations. They want to be involved, they have talent, time and financial resources. But so many times we see people like me being asked to do things that are totally not what our skillset is capable of. I would just encourage you to find a way to get them focused and involved in doing things that draw on the full extent of their business skills.”

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Gary Ringger, Founder & President & Rod Brenneman, Board Member (Former President, Butterball Turkey), LifeSong

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