“What if radical relationships across socio-economic lines isn’t solely about doing for others because it’s the right thing to do or because it’s our biblical mandate?  What if it’s not just about the privileged doing for the least?  What if God designed us to experience the side of His grace only found in a dynamic relationship with those society has marginalized?  What if God, in His mercy, loves us so much to reveal our own brokenness through the very ones we thought were broken?  The tapestry of a neighborhood that tells a story of pain is also one that creates a vulnerability and authenticity that paves the way for God to showcase this great work.  All of this strengthens and deepens my faith.  A call to radical relationship will never be sustained by duty or self-righteous pride.  It’s an invitation into God’s joy and his glory.”

For decades we have been working to fight poverty in our communities.  There’s no question that in America our methods of poverty alleviation have been dysfunctional and must change.  Marlo Fox helped co-found Think Tank nearly 14 years ago as a way to connect effective methods of poverty alleviation with those working on the frontlines.  See their work at

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Marlo Fox, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Think Tank, Springfiels, OH

Marlo Fox co-founded Think Tank, Inc. in 2006, with the purpose of building awareness and facilitating collaboration among organizations seeking ways to promote a more thriving community. For eighteen years she has served in various leadership capacities in the nonprofit sector, including working with diverse teams to develop and implement strategies and approaches aimed at fostering economic opportunity and leadership potential present among under-resourced communities.

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