Jonathan Bell has spent the last 25 years leading churches beyond themselves. He joined the staff at Church of the Resurrection in 2001, as Director of Mission Ministries, and orchestrated the church’s transition from Missions 1.0 to 2.0, before becoming lead architect for Resurrection’s 3.0 structures and strategies. Jonathan currently oversees the church’s national network of partner churches, as well as the church’s collaborative relationship with Saint Paul School of Theology.

Churches and individuals are asking, “How do we move beyond helping that hurts?”  It is in response to that question that we have been working with churches to chart a new course for missions.  We call it Missions 3.0 because it is an “upgrade” to what churches have historically done.  It builds on the reality that the church is already the largest mobilizer of charitable dollars and volunteer service in the world and that serving the poor is deeply embedded in its ethos.  But it also admits that simply raising and deploying more people and money into traditional volunteer service is not the answer to lasting, sustainable solutions.  What is needed is a type of community development that can lift whole communities, not just individuals, out of poverty and into a more just, dignified and self-sustaining way of life.  This talk gives you a good overview of the basic frameworks and practices of Missions 3.0

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