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Tom Bassford, Founder/President of Significant Matters & SATtalks

Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place?  It’s no longer enough to simply do random acts of kindness or hand out an endless stream of charity. Instead thoughtful people are asking questions about lasting change and sustainable solutions in our efforts to make the world a better place.  How does the church through its mission efforts create more sustainable and dignified ways of helping those we seek to help and grapple with what it means to live in a world that is always becoming?  That’s what this BLOG and SATtalks is all about.  I hope you’ll join the conversation and introduce us to others in your network.

VIDEO – Cheryl Cuthbertson, Children of the Nations | Realigning the Role of the Church, Non-profits and the Poor

WATCH THE VIDEO...   Over the last several decades, non-profits have played an increasing role advocating and providing services for the global poor and disenfranchised. The initial role of the Christian non-profit was to bring the church safely into a sustainable relationship of trust and service with the communities they have chosen to serve. Non-profits are not to replace the biblical authority and responsibility of the church in providing financial and physical resources to the poor. God has called the church to partner with the non-profit to eradicate global poverty, to evangelize the gospel and to establish joint methodology that restores [...]

VIDEO – Oye Waddell, Hustle PHX | Re-Imagining Local Missions and the Role of Entrepreneurship

WATCH THE VIDEO...   Some of the best natural entrepreneurs in the United States are in underserved urban communities. They are called hustlers – visionary risk-takers who seize the opportunity to move product and turn a profit. They have the God-given skills, attributes, and talents of an entrepreneur, but they lack key resources needed to create sustainable businesses that benefit the broader community. At Hustle PHX, we want to let the hustlers hustle – for the common good. Oye Waddell, Founder & Executive Director, Hustle PHX, Phoenix, AZ Oye Waddell is the Executive Director of Hustle PHX. Waddell grew up [...]

VIDEO – Dr. Justin Beene, Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation | Prophetic Entrepreneurship

WATCH THE VIDEO...   In the next 30 years the population will likely increase by 2.5 billion people with most of that being absorbed by urban areas.  This massive growth of our cities will continue to magnify the challenges of poverty, violence, racism, and inequity. How can the church respond in authentic and relevant ways that actually impact our cities and communities? It’s time to reimagine our cities and the role the church can play in launching and engaging prophetic entrepreneurs—those who are envisioning and practicing in the marketplace while creating equitable and sustainable outcomes for the marginalized. Dr. Justin [...]

Video – Nancy Mitchell, Caring For Kids | Stepping Into the Gap

WATCH THE VIDEO...   Caring for Kids sought to bridge the gap between schools and churches to create lasting, meaningful partnerships built upon the simple but powerful question, “How may we help you?”  By becoming a catalyst for collaboration and serving as a true “backbone organization” they have been able to build trust with schools, churches and business all wanting to serve the children in their communities.  They have mobilized, trained and deployed over 200 churches, 80 businesses and 70 civic organizations into more than 200 schools across 8 school districts in the Kansas City region.  Those partnerships have, on their [...]

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Taking Risks and The Role of Entrepreneurial Leaders | by Rick Rusaw

Entrepreneur:  one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.  Merriam Webster Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”  That statement is full of things to consider such as: It’s Jesus’ not mine. When He spoke those words, it hadn’t happened yet. It would grow (build) It would prevail. The church is God’s enterprise in the world.  We have a responsibility to take the gospel that never changes to a world that will never be the same.  Jesus doesn’t change, the message of hope and [...]

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Pastors, Between a Rock and a Hard Place | by Tom Bassford

Dear Pastors, in many ways we are genuinely between a rock and a hard place.  According to poll after poll the church in America is losing ground in attendance, influence, credibility and virtually every other category that really matters to us.  We can’t ignore that reality or gloss it over with theological sentiments like, “the church is the hope of the world.” When I stepped out of the Senior Pastorate in 2004 and started Significant Matters I started a journey that has led me deeper into conversations around human dignity, poverty and the fallacy of secular/sacred work.  That journey [...]

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