In the next 30 years the population will likely increase by 2.5 billion people with most of that being absorbed by urban areas.  This massive growth of our cities will continue to magnify the challenges of poverty, violence, racism, and inequity. How can the church respond in authentic and relevant ways that actually impact our cities and communities? It’s time to reimagine our cities and the role the church can play in launching and engaging prophetic entrepreneurs—those who are envisioning and practicing in the marketplace while creating equitable and sustainable outcomes for the marginalized.

Dr. Justin Beene, Founder & Executive Director Grand Rapids Center For Community Transformation, Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Justin Beene is the director/founder of the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation (GRCCT), Grand Rapids, Mich., a collective of non-profit and for-profit entities with a mutual interest in alleviating poverty. Together these partners are working to see flourishing in the city for all.

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