See what’s possible when we reframe missions around sustainable solutions and create room for business-minded people.

SaTtalks is an initiative of Significant Matters.  Our mission is to advance sustainable solutions to material poverty through the faith-driven community as an expression of our love for God and neighbor.  SaT stands for sustainable and transformative because that is the common theme in all of these stories.  This free online video platform highlights some of the most innovative faith-based practitioners around the world working to move missions beyond simple charity and short-term fixes.   We do this because the Church needs the stories of innovative pioneers to inspire and help us see what could be!

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Introducing Voices From the Frontlines

Much to our regret we had to cancel SATtalks for 2020 because of all the uncertainties created by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Instead we started a new initiative called, Voices From the Frontlines Learn all about these FREE Webinars featuring ministries on the frontlines and hear what they need most from the American church at a time like this.

Watch the Videos…a Free Online Library

Over 50 videos from church mission leaders and other faith-based leaders actively working on sustainable transformation in their particular realm.  You will hear how one organization is successfully helping orphans learn of God’s love and become fully self-reliant within three years and another organization is tackling the water crisis by empowering local entrepreneurs to bring clean water to their own communities.

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SATtalks helps you see what could be… Missions 3.0 helps you get there.

Churches go through a natural progression that begins with giving money to worthy causes (Missions 1.0) followed by the desire to get personally involved through volunteerism (Missions 2.0).  But, in time, every church begins to ask the question, “Are we making a difference that will last?” (Missions 3.0)

Our mission is to help churches reframe their missions and charitable work around sustainable solutions and create room for business-minded people who can help that happen.  Let us show you how to move your missions beyond simple charity and short-term fixes.


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SATtalks, Missions 3.0 and Peer learning Communities are all initiatives of Significant Matters, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to help churches and other faith-based organizations explore and create sustainable solutions for complex societal issues.  All contributions to Significant Matters are tax deductible.