Bob Lupton | FCS

Wealth Creators: The New Missionaries

Grace Dyrness | Urban Initiatives

Engaging Communities to Chart their own Future

Don Larson | The Sunshine Nut Co.

Economic Missionary Warriors: We Will Change the World!

Phil Hissom | Polis Institute

Discovering Dignity

Lynette Fields | St Luke’s United Methodist Church

Mutual Transformation: Moving from their Journey to Our Journey

Aimee Minnich | Impact Foundation

Developing a Robust Theology of Business

Jonathan Bell | Church of the Resurrection

Practices for Missions 3.0

Quinn Schipper | OIKOS / Stillwater Cares

The Champion is not Goliath

Mike Simon | Simon Solutions

Catalysts for Transforming Lives and Communities

Tom Bassford | Significant Matters

It Takes a Tribe

Panel Discussion | 2017 SATtalks

How Can the Church Play a Role in Sustainable Transformation?

Tom Bassford | Significant Matters

Missions for the Business-Minded

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