Emeline Nde was 12 when she received a scholarship from a church out of Switzerland. “It enabled me to get one of the best educations I could in Cameroon. It was a paradigm shift from seeing myself as a victim acted upon to an architect of my own life who with the help of God could rewrite my story.” Later on a small $20-dollar loan gave her the means to start a business. When that business succeeded it allowed her to be generous and, more importantly, showed her that business is ministry when done as an everyday act of worship.

Today Emeline Nde works with the founder of Discipling Marketplace Leaders, Renita Reed-Thomson to equip pastors across Africa with that understanding of business. “I dream of what it would look like if 2.3 billion Christians did their work as an act of worship every day, and every church equipped the saints for the work of the ministry in every corner of the marketplace, Monday through Saturday,” says Renita Reed-Thomson.

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Emeline Nde & Renita Reed-Thomson, Discipling Marketplace Leaders

Renita Reed-Thomson is the founder and president of Discipling Marketplace Leaders.  She works primarily in Africa with denominations, seminaries, Bible colleges, as well as microbusinesses, SMEs, and all employees to reclaim the redeemed Marketplace for Christ, emphasizing work as worship, basic business principles, poverty alleviation, and job creation.

Emeline Nde is the Deputy International Coordinator with Discipling Marketplace Leaders as well as the director of  the Development Associates International (DAI) work in Cameroon.

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