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Final Thoughts for 2016

Last week I shared an article I’d written ten years ago entitled; “I Love This Bar! – An Unlikely Christmas Story” to which I got a number of great responses.  One in particular really stood out and I thought you would enjoy it as much as I did. 

I Love This Bar…Another Christmas Story by Don Carter

I liked the Kearney bar story, it reminded me of another Christmas bar experience.   In 1961, I was assigned to Air Force burial duty for Christmas week, and sure enough a soldier died who warranted an honor guard.  The Christmas Eve funeral was a 2 hour bus trip to a very small town and during the drive snow began to fall.  By the time we completed the memorial service,  snowfall was intense and as we attempted to leave the cemetery our bus refused to start.  A local mechanic was called, who somehow got the bus to his garage where we stood around in dress uniforms while he undertook repairs.  By now it was dark and everything in town was closed except the local café/watering hole.  The proprietor had intended to close at 6, but kept the place open so we would have a warm place to sit and drink….coffee.  As the evening wore on a local family brought their Christmas tree to the bar, then another family came.  It was a very small town and the deceased had died a hero’s death so everyone had been at the graveside.  Before long everyone showed up at the bar and essentially had their family Christmas with us – food,  kids, music, packages etc.  I will never forget it.
I’d love to hear other Christmas stories like these if you have them and If you missed the original article you can read it HERE
 $20,000 Matching Grant…Half Way There!
Thanks to all those who have helped toward our $20,000 matching grant.  As of today we’ve raised $10,100, we’re half way there!  Your support helps us continue the work we’re doing to help the church become a force for sustainable change through the work of church missions.  Take a look at the more than 30 stories at to see a different picture of church missions.  You will find ministries that help people help themselves and even lift themselves out of poverty.  We’re providing a platform for that collective voice and connecting churches and individuals to these kinds of ministries through our annual SATtalks, workshops and Peer Learning Communities.  I hope you will consider us in your year-end giving.  Every dollar counts as two!

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screen-shot-12-29-16-at-12-48-pmSATtalks – Business Voices

We pulled together a group of business people from the audience at our last SATtalks to share their thoughts on sustainability, church missions and the value of a forum like SATtalks for them.  A candid conversation on ministry and marketplace people working together.
CLICK HERE to watch the video

screen-shot-12-29-16-at-01-32-pmPeer Learning Community

We are excited to announce the formation of our first Missions 3.0 Peer Learning Community in the Spring of 2017 with a group of churches around the Charolette, North Carolina area.  We believe this is the most effective way for churches to move their missions work beyond helping that hurts.  Click the following link to learn more about Missions 3.0 Peer Learning Communities