Grace Point Church in Paradise, PA hired Katie Beiler, a Literacy Teacher, instead of a second assistant pastor after learning about the district’s need to have children better prepared for school. Beiler reports to a district official, but officially she’s on the staff of the 250-member church, giving monthly updates to the pastor.

“Our church doesn’t just exist for ourselves,” said Pastor Tim Rogers, “Our vision is being a transforming presence in the town square.” See what one church is doing to be a transforming presence on their town square @ Grace Point Church.

Pastor Tim Rogers, Lead Pastor, Grace Point Church, Paradise PA

Tim Rogers is Lead Pastor at Grace Point Church in Paradise, PA where he has served since 2003.  “We seek to be a transforming presence in our town square by being relentless in pursuit of the social, spiritual and cultural good. In inviting people to follow Jesus we seek to address brokenness and offer help and hope relationally, spiritually and systemically. As partners in a community wide network called The Together Initiative, we are honored to work alongside approximately 65 leaders in the education, health, social services, government, business & faith-based sectors for the common good of our community members.”


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