Dr. Florence Muindi, Founder and President of Life in Abundance, reveals her initial mistakes in development and how it brought about a vital change in strategy. In this SAT talk she shares LIA’s new model and findings of an independent research that proves it is working, to the glory of God.

Dr. Muindi is a native to Kenya, a medical doctor by training and the key architect behind Life In Abundance’s (LIA) transformational development model. She has played an integral role in establishing a proven model and track record for LIA while laying the foundation for implementation throughout Africa and the majority world.  She is a graduate of University of Nairobi Medical School (1989) with additional training in Switzerland and Belgium in specialized public health interventions as well as a degree in Urban Poor Theology from Fuller Seminary.

LIA takes an integrated approach to mobilizing the local Church to restore health, renew hope and inspire lasting transformation for the world’s most vulnerable families.  They train, equip and walk with local churches throughout Africa and the Caribbean to: Promote Health and Prevent Disease | Empower The Poor with Economic Opportunities | Equip The Vulnerable to Break the Cycle | Educate the Marginalized.  Click here to learn more about Life In Abundance, Intl