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2017 SATtalks Speakers


Robert Lupton – Founder & President | FCS Urban Ministries | Atlanta, GA

Results Matter! What charity would look like if we cared about results.

 Bob Lupton is a Christian community developer and entrepreneur who brings together communities of resource with communities of need. Lupton has invested the past 43 years of his life in inner-city Atlanta where his life’s work has been the rebuilding of urban neighborhoods where families can flourish and children can grow into healthy adults. Through FCS Urban Ministries he has developed three mixed-income subdivisions, organized two multi-racial congregations, started a number of businesses, created housing for hundreds of families, and initiated a wide range of human services in his community.

He is the author of several books including the widely read, Toxic Charity and a brand new book in July 2015 titled, Charity Detox which draws on his many decades of experience, and outlines how to structure programs that actually improve the quality of the life of the poor and disenfranchised.   Click here to learn more about FCS Urban Ministries

Lynette Fields2Lynette Fields – Executive Director of Missions | St Luke’s United Methodist Church | Orlando, FL

Suburban churches working with urban communities to create lasting change one neighborhood at a time!

 For 20 years Lynette has served as Executive Director of Missions for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida.  Over the course of her career she has worked across a wide range of ages and needs from youth ministry to elder care, from disaster relief to service to the immigrant community.  She received her B.A. in theology from the University of Evansville and Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan.

For the past 5 years Lynette has led St Luke’s (a 4,600-member church) through a fundamental shift in the way they do missions. As a church they are walking alongside the residents of East Winter Garden helping them remove obstacles of poverty in order to create a thriving community together. The focus of the work is a combination of asset-based community development, family stabilization, economic development, and improving educational opportunities. It is a model of community development built on long-term commitments, the dignity of reciprocal relationships and the art of working together.  Her and her son, Jonathan, live in Winter Garden where you can often find them riding their bikes and simply being an everyday part of the community they seek to serve.  Click here to learn more about St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Missions

Grace Dyrness – Senior Researcher, Institute for Transnational Research and Development | Urban Initiatives | Pasadena, CA

Training communities to design solutions and measure impact through active participation.  

Grace is Senior Researcher for The Institute for Transnational Research and Development in Pasadena, California.  She works extensively with grass roots non-governmental and faith-based organizations around the world where she uses advocacy planning and participatory approaches to engage people in communities in order to envision their own future and chart a path towards it.  She is also Adjunct Associate Professor at the Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, and has conducted research on homeless and street-living children in Africa, India, Philippines, and Los Angeles using that research to build the capacity of leaders of organizations to better serve these children.

Urban Initiatives is a non-profit organization that responds to the economic, housing, social, and spiritual needs of neighborhoods, cities, and counties from local community, regional, national, international, and faith-based perspectives. It consists of several community development, economic development, faith-based, and social justice initiatives that promote research, direct resources, and shape policy.  Click here to learn more about Urban Initiatives

Quinn Schipper – Founder and President | OIKOS & Stillwater Cares | Stillwater, OK

Churches working together CAN champion sustainable ways of breaking the cycle of poverty in their city.

Quinn is an ordained minister of 33 years with experience both overseas and in America in cross-denominational networking and multi-sector collaborations. He is the founder and president of OIKOS Network, a ministry to unite the Body of Christ.

Since 2008, OIKOS has been instrumental in leading a multi-sector initiative in Stillwater, Oklahoma called Stillwater CARES.  This resulted in a collaborative of 30 churches and 28 organizations cooperating to find community-based solutions to break cycles of poverty.  Click here to learn more about Oikos or click here to learn more about Stillwater Cares

Don Larson – Founder & President | Sunshine Nut Company | Mozambique, Africa

Using Business to change lives and transform communities.  

Former Hershey exec, Don Larson says, “Find an idea that you’re willing to die for…and then start to really live.” After selling his possessions and moving to Mozambique to open a cashew company with a strong social mission, Don almost lost his life. That event and a deep sense that God has called him to this work has galvanized him to be even more resolute in building a company that helps transform the lives of his workers and those in his community.

The Sunshine Nut Co. was founded on the belief that a food company can be the catalyst for lasting economic transformation in some of the poorest countries of the world.  We started in Mozambique Africa and based our approach on a new business model called the Sunshine Approach:  1) We create world class food products to provide markets for subsistence farmers; 2) We hire mostly young men and women who were orphaned or abandoned in their youth to run the factories. We educate and promote from within: 3) We give 90% of our company’s distributed profits back to the poor and orphaned: 30% for orphan care, 30% for farming community “upliftment”, and 30% to grow the concept by building more transformational food factories. Click here to learn more about The Sunshine Nut Company

P_HissomPhil Hissom    –    Founder & President   |   Polis Institute   |   Orlando, FL

An asset-based approach to community development; doing things with the community not for them.

Polis_Institute_Logo2Phil spent his early career designing solutions to complex social problems around environmental issues.   He also hails from a ministry family that has been laboring with the poor for four generations in Charleston, West Virginia.  Using his back ground in research and design along with a healthy understanding of poverty he decided to turn his attention to addressing concentrated poverty, homelessness, and other affronts to human dignity.

After receiving a Master of Divinity degree in 2008 he founded the POLIS Institute in order to improve the quality of life within Orlando’s 100 most distressed neighborhoods.  Working both with leaders outside the neighborhood who want to make a difference as well as those in the neighborhood he is able to add a valuable perspective and champion the importance of human dignity through an inclusive process.   In past and present projects Polis Institute proudly partners with world-class organizations like: Winter Park Health Foundation, Florida Hospital, the University of Virginia, Bags Inc., LIFT Orlando, and the Heart of Florida United Way to identify core problems, discover solutions, and create sustainable programs that work.  Click here to learn more about Polis Institute

Tom Bassford – Founder & President | Significant Matters & SATtalks | Olathe, KS

Equipping churches to move their mission’s work beyond “helping that hurts” to sustainable transformation.

 SM Logo 210-100Tom is the founder and President of Significant Matters, a nonprofit organization working with churches, faith-based groups, community stakeholders and philanthropic organizations to tackle complex societal issues in sustainable ways.   Before founding Significant Matters, he pastored for over 30 years and has been involved in the work of church missions both locally and internationally for over 40 years.

In 2014, under his leadership, Significant Matters lunched SATtalks, a TED talk type of gathering and video website to explore and demonstrate ways to create sustainable transformation through church missions.  They also launched the Missions 3.0 Network for churches wanting to move their mission work beyond “helping that hurts.”  SATtalks and Missions 3.0 exists to accelerate the learning curve for the church around sustainable approaches to missions and connect those early pioneers trying to make it happen.  Click here to learn more about Significant Matters

Mike Simon  –   Founder and President   |   Simon Solutions   |   Florence, AL

The Church as the Catalyst for meaningful collaboration to help the poor. 

 Over the last 40 years, Mike has served in executive leadership of large churches, charitable nonprofits, and businesses. He has also served as a consultant for city transformation movements involved in networking leaders and mobilizing volunteers for collective impact.  He has invested years of research into emerging trends, best practices, and innovative ways for transforming the helping and referral systems in communities.

Since 2006, Mike has been the President of Simon Solutions Inc. (SSI), an industry leader in care networking technology and community impact.  SSI helps communities advance a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to transforming lives and communities.  SSI tools are used by thousands of helping agencies (nonprofits, churches, food banks, healthcare providers, and government) to build well-connected care networks in over 1,100 cities across the country.  Click here to learn more about Simon Solutions

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