A Conference for the Whole Missions Team

Take advantage of the workshops on the front-end of SATtalks this year.  It’s a way to go deeper and take in some training resources that you might want to bringing to your church/community.  There’s something in the Missions 3.0 Symposium for the business person, the pastor and the missions director.  We hope you will bring your whole team!  Sign-up when you register.  (All workshops are at Indian Creek Community Church)

Morning Workshop For Everyone – 9 AM – Noon

The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) | Think Tank, Inc

The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) is a real-life, hands-on simulation that offers participants a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in their community. It’s a compelling look into the obstacles that are faced, the decisions that are made, and the consequences that impact these families every day. Many organizations and communities across the nation use COPE to increase understanding and address the issues of poverty more comprehensively.

Churches with a passion for the common good and the flourishing of individuals and community will benefit from COPE, as it underscores the narrative of the materially poor and introduces tools for effective poverty alleviation.

Watch this video about COPE

About Think Tank, Inc: Think Tank, Inc. exists to alleviate poverty by equipping communities to embrace mindsets and practices that restore the social fabric of society.  They work with churches, nonprofits, businesses & public organizations to offer trainings designed to deepen their understanding of poverty & equip participants with skills to join with people from different backgrounds to fight poverty in their community.

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Afternoon Workshops – 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Human Dignity & Material Poverty – Andrew Vanderput | PovertyCure/Acton Institute

We have turned the poor into objects of our charity and compassion instead of seeing them as the subjects and protagonists of their own story. When we understand the dignity of the human person endowed with creative capacity and made in the image of God it changes absolutely everything about the way we understand charity, missions, development and the poor. This workshop will help you see why human flourishing is the only real answer to material poverty.

About the Trainer:  Andrew Vanderput is the Associate Director of Program Outreach at the Acton Institute, a research and education organization exploring the synthesis between faith and economics. He runs Acton’s PovertyCure initiative, which advocates for enterprise-based solutions to material poverty. Andrew comes from a diverse background in public policy, nonprofits focused on international poverty, marketing, and consulting.

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Cost of Poverty Experience – PART 2 | Marlo Fox, Think Tank, Inc

This afternoon workshop unpacks many of the lessons learned through the Cost of Poverty Experience and explores the five essential practices essential for any program, ministry, or initiative to effectively address poverty with lasting results. When these practices become habits, communities are more empowered to reach their potential.

About the Trainer: Marlo Fox has dedicated her life’s work to the alleviation of poverty through practices that value relationships and promote lasting change. She co-founded Think Tank, Inc. in 2006, with the purpose of building awareness and facilitating collaboration among organizations seeking ways to promote a more thriving community. For eighteen years she has served in various leadership capacities in the nonprofit sector, including working with diverse teams to develop and implement strategies and approaches aimed at fostering economic opportunity and leadership potential present among under-resourced communities.

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Your Church and the Town Square – Tim Rogers | Grace Point Church

In his most recent book, “Christians’ in the Age of Outrage” Ed Stetzer uses Tim Rogers and his church in Paradise, PA as an example of  what it means for the church to be a transforming presence in the town square.  Their church hired a fulltime liason to actually serve the school district.  Reflecting on past times when the church was a leading voice in social and cultural transformation as well as his church’s own journey, Pastor Tim Rogers will explore ways the church could regain that influence today.

About the Trainer:  Tim Rogers is Lead pastor at Grace Point Church in Paradise, PA where he has served since 2003.  Their vision to be a church with a transforming presence in the town square has manifested itself in the collaborative work they’ve championed through the Together Initiative Network, The Factory Ministries and employing a Literacy Liason from the church to work for the Pequea Valley School District.

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Missions & the Business-Minded – Led by Significant Matters

“The church has most often responded to poverty and suffering through charity and aid for temporary and short-term relief. Yet, more often than not, that response has not addressed long-term needs, such as employment, and even worse, these interventions have hurt detrimentally instead of helping.”  It’s the business-minded who can help the church develop new ways of helping the poor through wealth creation.

About Significant Matters:   Our work focuses on helping churches reframe their missions around sustainable solutions and connect to business-minded people who can make that happen.  The board and staff of Significant Matters will facilitate this roundtable discussion drawing on their experiences as well as the experience of some of this year’s presenters.

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