Speaking & Consulting for Your Church or Conference

Please contact us to speak at your next conference or to help your church explore what Missions 3.0 could look like for your congregation.  Here are some ways we can help you take the next step in moving your missions toward sustainable transformation:

  1. Missions 3.0 Overview – One-day (4 hrs) for General Audience (ideal on-site opportunity for introducing Missions 3.0 concepts and requirements to an entire staff, organization or congregation)
  2. Missions 3.0 Key for Leaders – One-day (4 hrs) for Key Leadership (for key decision makers in a church to dig into some of the systemic changes necessary to implement M3.0)
  3. Missions 3.0 Summit – One or two-day event combining the above two workshops into one.
  4. Missions 3.0 Peer Learning Communities (up to 6 churches meeting four times over two years for strategy development, training and shared learning – Most churches would benefit from the first three options above before considering a Peer Learning Community.  For more details on the Peer Learning Community CLICK HERE)

Contact us at tom@significantmatters.com or call 816-419-3291 for full details.