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October 19-20, 2017 - Kansas City

Join Us in Kansas City – 3rd Anual SATtalks

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We need the stories of pioneers working with new models as a way to help us picture what could be.  You’ll be inspired and challenged by each of the presenters as they describe what they are doing to move beyond “helping that hurts.”

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IMG_6297Connect with Others

No one has sustainable transformation figured out but some good people are working hard on it.  You’ll have time to rub shoulders with people who share your heart and resolve for church missions and sustainable change.  We believe that by bringing smart people with a common interest in solving similar problems together we can accelerate the learning curve for all.

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  • Dave Geenens
    This was a great event speaking on issues the church has every responsibility to speak into.
    Dave Geenens
    This was a great event!
  • Carol Cartmill
    We’re taking seriously our call to be about God’s redemptive work in the world and we want to do it in ways that help people in the community own their own futures. I knew that this was going to be a gathering of people who are ahead of us in this work and I came here with an open spirit to learn.
    Carol Cartmill
    Church Leader
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  • Steve Weber
    Wow! As a presenter what I got out SATtalks is that we’re all facing a lot of similar issues and the dots are beginning to come together. I really sense a synergy that is going to come out of this for the future and I’m really excited about.
    Steve Weber
    Heart To Heart Intl.
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  • Cayce Stapp
    This concept of sustainability and transformation talks is huge! It brings you together with people you wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to be with and hear from those on the cutting edge of thought leadership. It's been really helpful.
    Cayce Stapp
    International Missions Director
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  • Gaston Warner
    So often when I talk about these ideas people find it extraordinarily challenging.  But here everyone’s thinking the same way about sustainability and how we can do things that are going to have long term impact and it just feels like coming home!
    Gaston Warner
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  • Wayne McDaniel
    These talks helped me see the importance of allowing those who are receiving the “help” to really guide what is done, how it’s done, so that they are coming up with their own solutions instead of us coming in saying here’s what you need to do.
    Wayne McDaniel
    Business Owner
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Indian Creek Community Church | 12480 S Black Bob Rd | Olathe, KS 66062

A Little Background

Screen Shot 02-08-16 at 02.31 PMSATtalks uses a TED Talks format to explore the following BIG IDEA…

How can churches and other faith-based organizations pursue their missional goals in ways that lead to self-sustaining solutions where needs are being met without relying on charitable resources and where the person or community has the ability to provide the ongoing means and opportunities to achieve their full potential?

One of the great lessons learned through the TED Talk phenomenon is that you can actually accelerate the learning curve of new ideas by bringing innovative people together to share their best ideas, discoveries, models and lessons with others.  There are a number of individuals, churches and faith-based organizations that are actively working on models that reflect the above BIG IDEA.  They have moved beyond the theoretical and abstract to a point where they are investing resources, executing strategies and working on ways to do good that are truly sustainable and transformative.

Screen Shot 02-08-16 at 02.22 PM

About SATtalks Events

SATtalks is a two-day event with presenters from 6-8 faith-based organizations who are actively applying THE BIG IDEA in their particular ministry.  Presenters give their best 18-minute talk to a live audience about what they’re doing and learning, what’s working and what’s not (admitting failure or setbacks is encouraged!) followed by a time for Q&A. And of course there’s time to just mingle.  Like many events, some of the most important conversations happen outside of the structured schedule.   Each talk is videotaped and then posted on the SATtalks website.

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