Panel discussions at SATtalks give us a chance to look into some of the big issues that touch on church missions and sustainability.  Sometimes we’re just talking about one of the “elephants in the room.” Sometimes we’re trying to bring some clarity to a particular subject or find the common threads for all of us.

Marketplace and Ministry Working Together is an open conversation about the challenges, possibilities and need for marketplace and ministry leaders to find new ways of working together in the space of church missions.  The ideas and new solutions to help people lift themselves out of poverty will most likely come from marketplace people in our churches.  How do church ministry leaders create the space for that to happen while keeping an eye on the relational and spiritual side of what the church does?

Our Missions 3.0 Workshops and Peer Learning Communities help churches think through ways to bring marketplace people into the work of sustainable church missions.   Learn more about Missions 3.0 and Peer Learning Communities.