Panel discussions at SATtalks give us a chance to look into some of the big issues that touch on church missions and sustainability.  Sometimes we’re just talking about one of the “elephants in the room.” Sometimes we’re trying to bring some clarity to a particular subject or find the common threads for all of us.

The High Cost of a Positive Volunteer Experience is a discussion with voices from the church, ministry partners and donors about the very real tensions that volunteerism creates for partnering ministries.  It addresses the need churches have to offer positive volunteer experiences for their people and how that need often creates more work for the ministry partner.

Volunteerism is a necessary and important part of church missions.  Our Missions 3.0 Workshops and Peer Learning Communities help churches think through and restructure those volunteer experiences to provide real and meaningful spiritual growth and yet not create more helping that hurts.  Learn more about Missions 3.0 and Peer Learning Communities.