No one is more critical to the future of missions than the Missions Pastor/Director of the local church.  They are the ones who will bring focused leadership to what missions will look like in the 21st Century.  Missions 3.0 brings clarity as well as tools, resources and support to help these Mission Pastors/Directors move their church through this missional upgrade.

Jonathan Bell has spent the last 25 years leading churches beyond themselves. While serving as Director of Mission Ministries for Church of the Resurrection in the Kansas City area he orchestrated their transition from Missions 1.0 to 2.0, before becoming lead architect for their Missions 3.0 structures and strategies. Jonathan currently oversees the church’s national network of partner churches, as well as the church’s collaborative relationship with Saint Paul School of Theology.

Through our Missions 3.0 Workshops, consulting and Peer Learning Communities Significant Matters is helping churches move their missional efforts toward sustainable development efforts that leave whole communities as well as individuals better off and able to provide for themselves.  Learn how you can benefit from one of our Mission 3.0 Workshops or Peer Learning Communities or for a free overview of Missions 3.0 Upgrade click here.