$20,000 Matching Grant – A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats

Dear friends,

A $20,000 matching grant makes for the perfect ending to an already fantastic year. Would you consider helping us meet this grant through your year-end giving?  

The work of Significant Matters is grounded in the  belief that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” A  few years ago, the church was wrestling with the message in books like “ToxicCharity” and “When Helping Hurts,” but I’m finding wherever I go the attitude has shifted.  People are saying, “OK! We get  it…much of our helping has hurt… but where do we go from here?”  That change alone represents a shifting tide that opens the door to so many possibilities especially in the work we do with and among the poor.

Our SATtalks website has dozens of videos telling the stories of people doing church missions in ways that lead to sustainable change.  Each story is a point of light, none of which stands alone but together represent a rising tide.  They present a different picture of church missions, a way that helps people help themselves and even lift themselves out of poverty.  We provide a platform for that collective voice and connect churches and individuals to these kinds of ministries.  We are helping to champion the notion that church missions can and must be about helping people realize hope both for the “here and now” as well as the hereafter.  And it’s making a difference.  Read what a couple of folks had to say about this year’s SATtalks:

What a blessing to hear from those who are not only making a difference in the lives of others but have created models that become self-sustaining.  Houses being built, medical clinics and schools started.  Micro loans are being used to help people create a life for themselves and their families.  All of this creating a sustainable environment for people to not only survive but to thrive.   These talks not only inspire you but give you real-life examples of how missions should be done in the church.  

Christopher L. Herre | Principal, Rose Design Build, Inc.

I came (to SATtalks) searching for meaningful conversation about sustainable missions and I found that in the presentations and relationships with others in attendance.  My work with our 300+ United Methodist congregations continues to reinforce the truth that we need to make every mission dollar and hour count. Thank-you for the opportunity to learn and grow with other like-minded mission leaders. 

Rev. Dawne Phillips |Director of Missions Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church

If you think that helping people help themselves is a better, more lasting way to help others then please consider helping us with this year-end matching grant.  Every dollar you contribute is doubled and all of it goes toward helping champion sustainable transformation through church missions. Thanks again for your interest and support in the work we do to help move charity and church missions beyond helping that hurts.


Tom Bassford, Founder and President | Significant Matters



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