The strategies and solutions that come with Missions 3.0 include things like job creation, business start-up and homeownership, to name a few.  Churches are already beginning to create initiatives around these kinds of initiatives and are discovering they have marketplace people in their church willing to bring their time and talent to the table.  We help churches understand how to better mobilize, coach and unleash these people and their gifts to help shape the mission work of the church.

Grady Hawley is the CEO and founder of Soleran, a software design and development company in the Kansas City area.  He is passionate about sustainable solutions through church missions and helping church leaders understand how to engage their marketplace people in those pursuits.

Through our Missions 3.0 Workshops, consulting and Peer Learning Communities Significant Matters is helping churches move their missional efforts toward sustainable development efforts that leave whole communities as well as individuals better off and able to provide for themselves.  Learn how you can benefit from one of our Mission 3.0 Workshops or Peer Learning Communities or for a free overview of Missions 3.0 Upgrade click here.